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This involves provision of one-on-one individual psychological sessions to farmers to help them in dealing with psychosocial stressors associated with the farming occupation.

Group Psychotherapy

Under this, psychological sessions are offered by a therapist to either a homogenous or heterogenous group of farmers. This is aimed at helping them talk about their farming stresses in a group setting and thereafter come up with solutions to deal with the stresses.

Community Mental Health Activities

This involves bringing farmers together within the community they exist in to deal with mental health challenges facing them. It incorporates community activities such as local festivals or meeting at the local administration centers to address mental health issues or have mental health conversations.

Mental Health Empowerment

Empowerment involves creating a network of farmers that are mental health advocates and are equipped with basic psychological skills to provide psychological first aid to individuals within their community in cases of psychological emergencies. These mental health advocates consistently work with our psychologists in AgriPsych Beam to ensure that quality psychological services are provided to their communities.